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 New Cooking Bag

New Cooking Bag is a project for women in Ghana and for the environment. The New Way of Cooking:

Saves women time,

Makes cooking safer,

Is healthier for women and children,

Is good for the environment: it saves 50% on firewood, charcoal or gas,

Makes food more flavourful,

Saves money,

Is more hygienic and the food is healthier.


If you would like to contact New Cooking Bag in Ghana, you can do so using the information below.

New Cooking Bag
Ellen Seldenthuis / Hamdia
Postbox 1406
Ghana (West-Africa)

Telephone Ghana:
Hamdia: 020-7660885 or
Ellen Seldenthuis: 050-3192442

: info@newcookingbag.com

You can also obtain your New Cooking Bag from our promoters.




“New Cooking Bag” is an initiative of Ellen Seldenthuis, a woman from the Netherlands who has lived and worked in Ghana since 2004. It stands for “The New Way of Cooking”.
Ellen saw how much time, effort and money the women in Ghana need to invest in order to prepare food. This limits their own development.
Also, the traditional way of cooking is unsafe and bad for ones health. The environmental impact the traditional way of cooking has also doesn’t sit well with her. She makes a plan to introduce "Slow Cooking” in Ghana. The haybox in a new jacket. Together with her team she develops a version which has terrific results and which can be produced using local materials. They call it the “New Cooking Bag”.

How does it work “The New Way of Cooking”?
The New Cooking Bag (NCB) is used to cook food without a continuous need for heat. The food is brought to a boil in a pan with water over a fire. Once it is boiled, the fire can be extinguished and the pan with its contents is put directly into the NCB. The NCB is tied shut. Because of the insulating properties of the NCB the temperature in the pan remains high and the food continues to cook until it is ready. Since there is some heat loss the cooking time is longer than when using permanent heat. A lot of the traditional dished prepared in Ghana are suited for the use of an NCB.

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